Rusty Topsfield

Audible Approved

Sign: Taurus

Interests: Music, merry making and poodle ballin’

Rusty is a singer/dancer/model/actress/broke college student, born and raised in central Ohio.  He became involved in the entertainment industry the moment he threw everything off the dining room table during a family dinner at age 5 and sang and danced along to The Jackson 5’s "I Want You Back."  He has been singing and dancing and touring the galaxy with his funky band of merry makers, The Wildberry White’s, melting our hearts and our faces for about 15 minutes and counting.  He is currently working on his “Plan B” degree from The Ohio State University studying Sociology, with a focus on understanding how completely insane most of us really are.  He enjoys his new adventure in narration and is excited for his future… and also gallons of red wine.

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