Rayna Cole

Audible Approved

Sign: Gemini

Interests: Puppies, Coffee, Mysteries, Freckles

Rayna Cole is a romantic at heart. Raindrops on roses, the smell of old books, wine by the fire, and coffee anywhere anytime are a few of her favorite things. But, the beauty of a summer day in the forest with SPF 50 and liberal doses of Deep Woods Off and candlelight dinners during a thunderstorm power outage also rank high on the list. Narration brings together the romance and mystique of a story well-told with her lifetime love of reading.




Love is a powerful emotion. In fantasy, it can turn monsters into men. Or men into monsters. Then again, maybe we're all just a little bit of both. The erotic and erotic horror stories featured in this collection depict love, hate, and sex, and all the many variations in between. Author's note: This is a collection of erotic and erotic horror stories – all of these stories contain explicit sex and violence, and should be read by mature audiences only. Praise for Love and Monsters: "No author today ...READ MORE