About us

About our company

Born in a garage, raised on Rock & Roll, audio entrepreneur and bibliophile, Falcon Sound Company has spent the last year creating game audio, audio books, live shows, apps, commercials, language learning videos, cartoons, kickstarter campaigns, weddings, and festivals dedicated to bees and butterflies.

The first live show for Falcon was in June 2013 in a field with a stage on the back of a flat-bed. Since then, we've become regulars at venues and festivals all around central Ohio, and have been privileged to work with some of the best musicians in the state.

We soon realized that live music kept us busy on weekends and all summer, but we had time on our hands and very little in our pockets otherwise. A friend mentioned recording narration for audio books, and soon after, having time on our hands turned into sixty hours work on weekdays. We also invited friends to join in the fun and so added narrators and engineers.

At this point, we have completed hundreds of audio books and sold over 32,00 copies. Narrators are recording 5 or 6 days a week in our studio, working on a variety of projects from romances to thrillers to horror stories.